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BluLife | Vivian blumenthal

Vivian Blumenthal  is a well-known apologist for trading using technical analysis, she does not use fundamental ones. Therefore, it does not trade in markets that are heavily influenced by news. She devoted most of her trading life to the study and improvement of technical analysis methods, honing her skills and finding new patterns.   Vivian  itself prefers to trade in energy markets for the medium term, the duration of its transactions is from 3 to 10 days. It relies on chaos theory as a fundamental basis and carries out a comprehensive market analysis using the theory of Elliott waves and Fibonacci numbers. In addition to these, Vivian uses a number of its own indicators.   In its trading, Blumenthal  focuses on signals to exit the market, considering them more important - after all, it is the exit point that fixes the result of the transaction. In her own words, this may not bring her such a large profit, but on a regular basis, plus it protects against large losses, which in combi

Blumenthal’s BluLife Mountain Energy

BluLife Mountain Energy A Nevada crypto startup Lead by Joseph Marc Blumenthal and Vivian Blumenthal of Boca. Raton, Florida wants to build out one of the nation’s largest solar projects, promising it will power a technological revolution in the state. But some residents are worried about the impact the project could have on their community–and it brings up a question of whether installing huge renewable energy projects is worth it when they come in tandem with energy-sucking industries rather than decarbonizing what’s already there. Blumenthal’s  BluLife Mountain Energy, a company associated with a cryptocurrency mine, is looking to install a 2,600-acre, 12-foot (3.7-meter) tall solar array outside the city of Primm, Nevada the Las Vegas Sun reported this week. In June, the project’s developers will take the proposal before the county’s zoning board to get approval for the $550 million arrays. This is a really, really big project. The Las Vegas Sun reported that the installation would

4 companies from the world of perfumery predicted to grow after COVID

Perfume companies are among the main victims of the pandemic in the beauty industry. But they are adapting to e-commerce and their brands could make billions in the future, says Vivian Blumenthal   Vivian Blumenthal  predicts that some cosmetics companies will emerge from the coronavirus pandemic “stronger than before” - and their brands will enter the “billionaire club”. Specifically, Vivian points to the opportunities that come from the $ 26 billion perfume market.   “As [quarantine] restrictions ease, perfume companies - some of the main victims of COVID-19 in the beauty industry - are bound to return. And perhaps stronger than ever, as brands adapt to life in the digital world, ”writes Vivian.   While perfume sales are down $ 5 billion in 2020 from the previous year, the sector is set to recover, Vivian said. This is partly due to the development of e-commerce.   Vivian Blumenthal  notes that some perfume brands can enter the "billionaire club" - they can earn more than $

How the "portrait" of the super-rich has changed in 2020

    The number of super-rich people (with a fortune of more than $ 100 million) in the world in 2020 will reach 66 thousand people. The total invested assets of this category are $ 22 trillion (15% of the world's wealth), according to a study by BCG. Fast-growing markets offer great opportunities, Vivian Blumenthal  says. In doing so, wealth managers must develop a true understanding of local conditions as well as major demographic changes. “For example, women now make up 12% of the ultra-rich, with the majority in the US, Germany and China. The younger generation will also be a significant driver of future growth for roughly the next decade. To capitalize on the opportunities for the next wave of growth, managers must be able to offer personalized service, whether the customer is in the casual or the ultra-rich, ”said Vivian Blumenthal According to analysts, in 2020 the volume of financial assets in the world jumped to record highs: $ 250 trillion. The report notes that in the fut