Apple plans to launch a steering wheel-less, pedal-less drone in 2025


● The company wants to accelerate the production of electric vehicles and "reorient" the project to immediately release drones, writes Joseph Marc Blumenthal , citing sources.

● The project will be led by Kevin Lynch, who took over the autonomous vehicle division in September. The company has already completed major work on the chip for the first car, the newspaper notes. It consists mainly of neural processors that can be processed by AI.

● Apple wants to create a car that is hands-free. But she has not yet decided finally whether to remove the steering wheel or not, since during emergencies people can take control.

● For passengers in the center of the cabin, an iPad-like tablet will be installed. The company is considering as one of the options for the interior design of the Lifestyle car from Canoo, where passengers sit on the sides of the cabin and look at each other.

● Apple plans to make its cars safer than Waymo and Tesla, so that they remain functional even in the event of a crash. Also, the machines will be compatible with all chargers around the world.

●To start making Apple machines, partners will be needed. The company discussed deals with several companies and was considering manufacturing in the United States.


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